Cataract Questions For Your Eye Doctor

Here is a list of questions to address each step of your cataract treatment journey. Print all the questions or identify the questions that are most relevant to you to bring to your cataract consultation with your eye doctor.

General questions

Am I having vision problems due to cataracts?

How can I test my vision?

If I cannot undergo cataract surgery now, what other treatment options are available?

Do you have any material or information regarding the condition and treatment I can take with me?

Cataract lens treatment options

What treatment options are available for cataract patients?

What are the types of lenses available?

Which lens is right for my lifestyle and vision?

If I have other eye conditions along with cataracts, which lens will address both my issues?

Is there a lens that helps me to see better in low light or at night?

If I have astigmatism, which lens is right for me?

Will the surgical procedure differ if I also want to correct astigmatism, presbyopia (or both)?

If the surgery includes treating astigmatism or presbyopia (or both), will the recovery differ?

Cataract surgery consultation questions

Will you perform manual or laser-assisted cataract surgery?

What can I expect from the surgical procedure?

How long will the surgery take?

How to prepare for the surgery?

What are the benefits of laser-assisted cataract surgery?

What lens treatment is best for me?

What is the treatment duration?

What are the risk factors in cataract surgery?

Do I need to take medications following surgery?

Do I need to take leave from work, and for how long?

Can I drive, go out, swim, take a shower or do my routine tasks 
after surgery?

What steps should I take for smooth recovery?

How much time will my vision take to recover?

Payment options

What will be the cost of cataract surgery?

Does my insurance cover all costs or some?

Does my Medicare cover cataract surgery costs?

Do you provide any financing or payment plan for covering additional costs?

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