Treatment Options

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Life-changing vision.

This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to see better. Think about what you love to do but may have been missing, due to cloudy or blurry vision.

Consider your visual needs and your desired visual range when selecting a lens treatment. There are two main options when it comes to cataract lens replacement: monofocal and multifocal. Ask your doctor which option is right for you.

Is a monofocal right for me?

A monofocal provides excellent distance vision in low light, like when you are driving at night. With a monofocal, you will likely need glasses for near vision. Ask your doctor about TECNIS EyhanceTM, the latest monofocal from Johnson & Johnson Vision.

Learn about TECNIS Eyhance™

Is a multifocal right for me?

A multifocal delivers distance and near vision to allow you to see clearly where you focus your vision most. It can also provide crisp, clear vision in all lighting conditions. In many cases, a multifocal will reduce the need for glasses. Ask your doctor about TECNIS SynergyTM.

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Treating additional eye conditions

Lens treatment options are also available as a toric solution, to address astigmatism at the time of cataract treatment.

Wondering how you might see things after surgery? Try our Vision Simulator to compare different treatment options and discover which option might be best for you.