Tecnis Symfony TM

An extended depth of focus.

TECNIS Symfony™ is a lens that provides a full range of high-quality continuous vision in all lighting conditions.

TECNIS Symfony™ Toric lenses offer the opportunity to address both presbyopia and astigmatism at the time of cataract surgery.

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  • Provides excellent distance vision for reading street signs and intermediate vision for the computer, with improved near vision.

  • Gives you sharp, continuous vision, but you may need reading glasses for small print.

  • Supports continuous, high-contrast vision, which can be helpful in low-light scenarios.

Talk to your doctor about the life you want to see, and find out if TECNIS Symfony™ is right for you.

The visual range plays a key role in IOL selection. The right IOL can do more than address cataracts, your doctor will choose a lens designed to meet your unique visual conditions and lifestyle.