TECNIS Symfony™ OptiBlue™

Vision at every distance, even in low light 1

TECNIS Symfony™ OptiBlue™ provides an extended range of continuous vision, which means you will have the ability to see from near to far away, day and night.1,2

With this lens implant, you can see clearly whether you are having dinner with a friend or playing pickle ball on a sunny day.2

You also have the opportunity to address your astigmatism as a part of cataract surgery with the TECNIS Symfony™ OptiBlue™ TORIC II lens implant.1

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What you can expect with this advanced lens implant

TECNIS Symfony™ OptiBlue™ by Johnson & Johnson Vision

  • Provides a continuous range of high-quality vision, both day and night.1

  • Offers the best contrast and low light vision among advanced PC-IOLs*, so you can see clearly in dim or low light.2-5

* vs. AcrySof® ReSTOR® +2.5 D and AcrySof® IQ Vivity®

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