Tecnis Synergy TM


TECNIS Synergy™ is an innovative lens that allows you to see a continuous range* of high-quality vision at three distances - near, intermediate and far. It may even reduce eyeglass wear.1,2

TECNIS Synergy™ Toric lenses offer the opportunity to address your cataracts, farsightedness, and astigmatism with one unique lens.

*to 20/32 or better.

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  • Empowers you with the freedom to see at your ideal distances.1

  • Nearly 40% of people with cataracts also require astigmatism correction. For those people, this toric lens provides vision improvement for both eye conditions.

  • Delivers high-quality vision you can trust day and night.2

Talk to your doctor about the life you want to see, and find out if TECNIS Synergy™ is right for you.

The visual range plays a key role in IOL selection. The right IOL can do more than address cataracts, your doctor will choose a lens designed to meet your unique visual conditions and lifestyle.