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TECNIS replacement lenses can improve your vision. 

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What TECNIS Lens Options Can Do for Your Vision

Read more about TECNIS lenses, including TORIC solutions for astigmatism.

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Provides distance image quality and enhanced image contrast in low light.1,2,*

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TECNIS Synergy OptiBlue IOL

Achieve the best near visionΔ and reduce your dependence on glasses.3-6,**

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TECNIS Symfony OptiBlue IOL

Provides an extended range of continuous vision, even in low light7,8

*Compared to Alcon Acrysof IQ IOLs.2 

** Individual results will vary. Some TECNIS Synergy OptiBlue IOL patients will require spectacles post-surgery. 

Δ vs. Acrysof® IQ PanOptix®, TECNIS Symfony, TECNIS Multifocal IOLs. Based on comparison of DFU defocus curves and a head to head clinical study vs. PanOptix®.

Based on interim data collected at 6 months post operative, 92% of subjects did not wear glasses.

As with any medical procedure, risks and potential complications may occur.  Please consult your eye care specialist for detailed information and to discuss these possible risks and complications with you prior to the procedure.

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