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ACUVUE® Abiliti Overnight

Treat myopia while your child sleeps with Abiliti Overnight 

Acuvue Abiliti Overnight Package

Abiliti Overnight Lenses - Treat Myopia While They Sleep

ACUVUE® Abiliti Overnight Therapeutic Lenses are the first and only orthokeratology (ortho-k) lenses that are approved for slowing the progression of myopia in children in Canada, while typically providing glasses-free vision during the day.*†1

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These lenses have been successfully used in thousands of patients for over 15 years in markets around the world.‡,2 An added benefit of Abiliti Overnight can be that your child can be completely lens-free during the day, meaning they can participate in all activities, including water-sports, without worrying about glasses. †1 

How Do They Work?

When worn overnight, Abiliti Overnight lenses gently and temporarily reshape the surface of your child s eye while they sleep.3-6 This gentle reshaping slows the progression of their myopia and lets them be glasses-free throughout the day. For most individuals, no other vision correction is needed. †1 

What Are the Benefits?

Slow myopia progression

Abiliti Overnight lenses have been shown to slow myopia progression, on average by approximately three prescription steps in just two years^,7-10

Clear glasses-free vision

Typically providing clear vision during the day without the need for eyeglasses or daytime contact lenses.†1

Better performance in school and sports

Kids wearing Abiliti Overnight lenses report better performance in school and sports compared to wearing glasses. ^11

Boost your child's confidence

Higher ratings of appearance, confidence and peer perception are also reported by patients wearing Abiliti Overnight lenses, compared to wearing glasses.^11

Peace of mind

Because parents can help with insertion and removal at home, Abiliti Overnight lenses are a good option for young children.

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Are They Safe And Comfortable To Wear?

In three studies accounting for over 200 patient-years of wear, no serious adverse events (or serious complications) were found with Abiliti Overnight lenses wear.7,9,12 The lenses were designed to keep eyes comfortable with features that help retain moisture and provide high oxygen flow.13 This means you can trust Abiliti Overnight lenses to work safely and comfortably when used as intended.14 

Abiliti 1-Day package

Which Abiliti lens is better for my child?

Abiliti 1-Day lenses are another great option for slowing the progression of myopia. Instead of being worn at night like Abiliti Overnight lenses, they are worn during the day to slow myopia progression and provide vision correction.15 These lenses are thrown away at the end of every day, making cleaning and care simple for kids on the go. An Abiliti prescriber can help you decide which lens is right for your child. 

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As part of our holistic approach to managing myopia, the SeeAbiliti app makes it easy to manage myopia on the go.

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Sight For Kids® Program

See Your Impact

Every child deserves the gift of clear sight. That's why Johnson & Johnson Vision is proud to support the Sight For Kids® program with our non-profit partner Lions Clubs International Foundation. You can be part of this global effort while enjoying the benefits of Abiliti lenses.  Each annual purchase of an ACUVUE® Abiliti product provides a free comprehensive eye exam to a child in need through Sight For Kids®. An eye exam can detect myopia and early warnings signs and manifestation of over 270 different medical conditions, and is important in maintaining overall eye health.16 To date, almost 48 million students globally have received eye exams, with over 500,000 children in need receiving eyeglasses.17

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Understand how myopia can impact your child’s vision
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* As of April 19, 2023, based on publicly available resources

† Reducing refractive error up to 4.00D (sphere product) and up to 5.00D and up to 3.50D of astigmatism (toric product)

‡ Previously marketed under Menicon Z Night

^ Compared to single-vision spectacles.


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