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Take charge of myopia with ACUVUE® Abiliti family of products

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You CAN take charge of your child’s myopia with ACUVUE® Abiliti

When a child has myopia, life comes with extra challenges, like seeing the board clearly at school and engaging with the world around them. While there is no cure that can stop myopia, Abiliti could help slow the progression while correcting blurry vision, without the need for glasses.

Learn more about the ACUVUE® Abiliti family of contact lens products below. An Abiliti prescriber can help you determine which lens is right for your child based on lifestyle and clinical considerations.

Abiliti 1-Day product shot

ACUVUE® Abiliti 1-Day

Abiliti 1-Day lenses are worn during the day to help slow the progression of myopia while providing crisp vision without glasses.*^,1,2

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ACUVUE® Abiliti Overnight 

Abiliti Overnight lenses are worn at night to slow the progression of myopia while providing crisp vision during the day without glasses or contacts.†,3

See Your Impact

Each annual purchase of an ACUVUE® Abiliti product provides a free comprehensive eye exam to a child in need through Sight For Kids®. When you choose Abiliti, you are giving the gift of eye care to someone in need.

Myopia App Platforms

Manage Myopia On-the-Go

Get the SeeAbiliti App to
Manage Myopia On-the-Go

As part of our holistic approach to managing myopia, the SeeAbiliti app makes it easy to manage myopia on the go.

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Find an eye doctor that specializes in Abiliti lenses for myopia management

Use our easy search tool to find an eye doctor in your local area who can diagnose and treat you.

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Understand how myopia can impact your child’s vision
and ways to help manage it.


*Compared to single vision contact lenses after 1 year of wear. ^JJV Data on File 2021. Top 2 Box = Always or Usually. †Reducing refractive error up to 4.00D (sphere product) and up to 5.00D and up to 3.50D of astigmatism (toric product)
1. JJV Data on File 2021. Efficacy of ACUVUE® Abiliti 1-Day Soft Therapeutic Lenses for Myopia Management: Comparative Claims vs. Single Vision and Dual Focus Lenses
2. JJV Data on File 2021. Stand-Alone Performance Claims - ACUVUE Abiliti 1-Day Soft Therapeutic Lenses for Myopia Management.
3. Data on File 2023. Instruction for Use (Canada)


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